The task at hand is to curate data from the cork LGBT archives by (Orla Egan )found here:

This data has mixed media which is certainly a task but an exciting one at that. The class is now broken into teams and a management strategy is necessary in order to have a plan to fulfil the task.

A hugely popular method of management in the technology industry is the AGILE method. To explain this is discussed in my evernote note book:Agile notebook

The 10 Key principles and notes on agile management (IT)
Big Values here:
*Individuals over tools
*Software over Documentation
*Customer collaboration over contract
*Response to change in a plan
-Active user involvement
-Team empowered for decisions
-Requirements are under a fixed time scale
-Capture requirements at a high rate
-Each in bite sizes
-Frequent delivery
-Complete one before next
-Possible 80/20 (if speed to market deliver 80% product in 20% time)
-Constant testing
-Collaborative and co operative approach necessary
This management process is very much suitable in IT but will be broken down further to more digestible chunks taking the shape of SCRUM planning which I will discuss further.